Smokers Against Discrimination

"Beware of those claiming to have The Truth, all neatly packaged for your convenience. They are usually selling you a pack of lies. Instead of searching for The Truth, learn The Facts. Once you know the facts, it's easy to figure out the truth yourself."

We defend the right of owners to decide whether or not smoking is allowed in their trains, planes and automobiles. And bars. And restaurants. And homes. We defend the right of those who enjoy smoking to smoke in all privately owned places that allow smoking.

It's that simple, that democratic, that free.

The smoking ban is a manifestation of the uncompromising, arrogant and intrusive nature of government into the everyday lives of citizens. The result is the removal of choice and persecution of smokers exercising their own free will in consuming a legally available product.

The health risks and dangers from passive smoking are simply over exaggerated, hysteric and unproven. Theories suggesting health risk to non smokers are not supported by scientific fact. Independent research shows that cabin and flight crew who were exposed to passive smoking on a daily basis throughout their working lives have no increased mortality or health problems as a result. Research conveniently ignored by anti-smoking zealots !

Regardless of the health concerns genuine or not, the real issue is Freedom Of Choice. In a society that supposedly cherishes the individual, his freedoms and his rights, nanny state antics and imposition of draconian legislation backed up by jackboot tactics are an abomination. In free thinking democratic societies you win your case by the persuasion of your argument not by repressive intolerant legislation.

History teaches us this, that the one thing democratic societies should never tolerate is the intolerant and intolerance itself. Intolerance to freedom of choice being high on the list ! What's wrong with allowing smoking and non smoking areas of recreation ? What's wrong with allowing adults to choose ? What's next on the agenda of the malevolent meddler that he wishes repressed and banished?

Western governments are increasingly treating civil liberty, personal freedom and freedom of choice as inconveniences to be controlled or dispensed with. It's important that intolerant intrusion into the everyday lives of people by those that govern is checked and countered. Otherwise the exception becomes the rule and uncompromising censorship of personal freedom becomes the accepted norm.

The mindset that dictates adults need to be forced and threatened to behave in ways others deem fit has to be put aside in favour of tolerance, accommodation and compromise. SAD supports the right to freedom of choice, everyone's freedom of choice including that of non smokers. Compromises can easily be achieved which allows for the wishes of smokers and non smokers to be accommodated.

Any society that can kick the elderly onto the streets with the smug glee that accompanied the imposition of the smoking ban is a society heading in a very dangerous direction.


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